Online Japanese private lesson for advanced learners


People who have passed N1,N2 but want to improve more

For people who want to improve their conversation skills and articulate what they want to say. Topics include recent news, business, culture, history, literature, education and more.

  • For students who have no problem with everyday conversation but struggle with more complex topics
  • For learners who have studied vocabulary and grammar to a good level but lack the confidence for conversation
  • For individuals who want to talk about articles or novels they have read
  • For people with a keen interest in or who have always wanted to live in Japan

How to start a lesson

①Have a 40-minute free session to talk about the lesson
②If it’s okay with you, we’ll schedule it and charge you for the lesson.
③After confirming the payment, we will send you the URL of Zoom.
④Start the lesson

Weekday 9:30〜18:00

Fees can be paid by bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card.

60min course

  • 1Lesson:¥5,000
  • 5 Lesson:¥22,500
  • 10 Lesson:¥45,000


  • 18 years experience as a Japanese teacher 
  • Passed The Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
  • Completed ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview training 
  • Japan Coaches Association Tokyo: Professional Coach
  • Japan Career Development Association certified: Career Development Adviser (CDA)

Lesson features

  1. I am skilled as an interviewer, so can ask precise questions that will help improve your conversation ability.
  2. I have knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar required for all JLPT levels between 5 and 1, so can answer your questions promptly. 
  3. I am flexible and will set assignments and respond to requests in accordance with your level and the particular aims you have for your lesson.
  4. I am a qualified Career Development Adviser (CDA), so can also provide assistance with regards to any concerns you have at work, job changes/transfers, or with regards to communication with Japanese business associates.

Please send us your requests for lessons and three possible dates and times for free sessions. For example, Wednesday after 3:00 p.m., the morning of the 20th, etc.


A message to you

My name is Yumi Yoshida. I’m a specialist teacher offering private classes for intermediate and advanced students.

Have you ever felt, ‘I wish I could express that in Japanese!’?

Improving your Japanese makes it easier and more convenient to work and form human relationships in Japan. 

However, many students cease their studies once they can manage everyday conversation.

The reason for that is threefold.

  1. The topics spoken about with Japanese friends and colleagues can be limited, making it hard to tell whether or not your level is improving.
  2. Videos, apps, and e-learning provide many chances to ‘input’ Japanese, but the lack of a partner limits the ‘output’ opportunities and restricts conversation skill improvement.
  3. It is hard to continue studying and practicing on your own without losing enthusiasm.

This private lesson is the perfect way to eliminate all three of those issues.

I will provide feedback on the areas of improvement and those in need of extra work, as well as devising conversation practice to suit your personal aims. Homework is also set for every class, ensuring there is no room for slacking off.

I will watch over you and support your independent Japanese study. 

Like: Osamu Dazai、Haruki Murakami、Shuhei Fujisawa、Sawako  Ariyoshi

I am interested in social psychology, individual career stories.

Please send us your requests for lessons and three possible dates and times for free sessions. For example, Wednesday after 3:00 p.m., the morning of the 20th, etc.




  • 日常の会話はできるけれど、それ以上のレベルの複雑な会話が難しい人
  • 文法や語彙をたくさん勉強したけれど、会話に自信がない人
  • ニュースの記事や小説を読んで話したい人
  • ずっと日本に住みたい人・とても日本が好きな人


月曜日から金曜日 9:30-18:00








  1. 私はインタビューのスキルがあり、あなたの会話力が上達するよう的確な質問ができます。
  2. N5からN1までの語彙や文法の知識があり、質問にすぐに答えられます。
  3. あなたの目的やレベルに合わせて、課題を出し、リクエストに答え、柔軟に対応します。
  4. 私はCDA(Career Development Adviser)です。仕事の悩み、就職・転職の相談、日本人とのコミュニケーションの相談にも応じます。


  • 日本語教育能力試験合格(2002年)
  • ACTFLーOPI試験管研修修了
  • 日本コーチ協会正会員
  • キャリアコンサルタント国家試験合格

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  1. 周りの日本人と話す話題が限られている。上達している感じがしない。
  2. 動画やアプリ、Eラーニングなどインプットの機会はあるけど、アウトプットの機会がない→ 相手がいないから会話力がつかない。
  3. 一人で勉強や練習をすると続けられない。つい怠けてしまう。



小説 太宰治、村上春樹、藤沢周平、有吉佐和子

興味 社会心理学、キャリアストーリー、ライフヒストリー




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